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Mobile gaming isn't the first to come to mind when you think of a first-class gaming experience. There have been a few great mobile games, but just for a quick gaming session. While serious gaming or eSports fans are having a console or a powerful PC. However, Vainglory seems to change the mobile gaming face with an amazing multiplayer experience and upcoming focus on eSport. Let's take a look if its gameplay lives up to this.

Vainglory Map


Vainglory is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). There are two teams of three players each. In order to destroy opposing teams base, the team needs to go down the centre lane and destroy giant tower guns protecting the enemy's base. There are also minions appearing from each base that will distract. To win the battle great teamwork, powerful hero skills and quick thinking is needed.

Vainglory Character


Once you've learned how to play the gameplay is simple and solid. You have around 30 various heroes with many unique abilities to choose from. Despite any playstyle, there's something for everyone. New free-to-try heroes are available each week, which can be unlocked by collecting specific objects or simply purchased through in-app purchases. There's a 10% discount during that time.

Each round of the match can take anywhere from 5 to 30+ minutes. In the beginning, you have a little gold to buy one piece of equipment, but as you kill enemy heroes and minions, you'll constantly gain both experience and gold. Gold can be used in battlefield item shops to buy a new equipment in order to increase your abilities or it can be used at your base. Experience allows to unlock new abilities for the round or upgrade the existing ones. In addition, there are gameplay modes where your character starts at level 4 with some great amount of gold so a player can jump right into the action.

The tempting part of Vainglory is the fact that it's concentrated around multiplayer. Connecting to real players, working together to defeat the other team is the soul of this game. The diversity of character you’ll be playing with, both against or on your team, always keeps matches fresh and fun.



This game has its charm. Battlefield has excellent colors and the landscape has very-well designed pathways and incredible masonry surroundings at each base, as well as lush bushes. Animation of characters is smooth and each of them has unique looks and various costumes.


Vainglory is a fun pocket format MOBA game. The characters are unique and varied, and with a great focus on multiplayer and events. There’s always some new content to discover. In-app purchases are available but barely necessary, which is nice for those who want things right away and don’t mind playing and building up the character gradually, but from another side, it’s also great, especially for those on a budget. If you are into MOBAs, action games, or simply enjoy serious gaming on the go, get Vainglory now.

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