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Player (eSports Athlete). Whether you are a pro eSports player or just a regular gamer, playing at a disadvantage isn't fun. We are here to inform you about the best gaming gear and in-game settings that can make a difference for your competitive performance.

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Streamer (Internet Celebrity). For those who want earning money and become famous just buy sitting in a couch and play video games just for fun. All you need is a decent hardware and few tips from pros on keeping viewers happy.

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Ten Fortnite secrets you should know

- Fortnite Battle Royale should always be played with a good set of headphone because much of the game is dependant on the sound and being able to use sound to your advantage is crucial. Read More »

How To Spot Enemies Like A Pro In PUBG?

- Spotting people is difficult and if you overlook an enemy it can easily be the end of you, especially in first-person only mode because if you can see an enemy then he will also be able to see you. But while spotting enemies are difficult, there are some basic rules as to how you can improve your spotting skills. Read More »

Recommended key bindings in PUBG

- Key bindings are extremely preference based. So just ensure that you have your key bonded to whatever feels most natural to you. It’s obvious that you should have the most commonly used key bindings in positions really easy to reach. Read More »

Key bindings in Fortnite

- Think about when you’re playing and something feels hard to do in terms of binding execution. You’ll find you can make hard key combos easier which leads to outplaying your opponent that is still using the old key bindings. Read More »

Razer Stargazer

- The Razer Stargazer is the best alternative to a green screen on the market for game streamers, but its video and picture quality aren't as good as on some other webcams. Read More »

How To Add An Overlay To Your Stream?

- Want to look like a real Twitch streamer having a custom graphic or overlay? Well, you don't need to be a professional to actually look professional. Adding an image or an overlay to your stream is super easy! Read More »

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam

- The Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam may ask for a patience to set up, but it's the cheapest alternative to a green screen for game streaming. It's the next best thing for an affordable price, and in fact, it looks pretty damn good as well! Read More »

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Fortnite: Battle Royale

PC PS4 Xbox One

- In Fortnite Battle Royale s a free-to-play game where you will skydive onto an island arena, scathing through weapons, run away from encroaching electricity field and fight your way through 99 other players to victory. Read More »

Heroes of the Storm


- Heroes of the Storm features seven unique maps with various secondary objectives, that can assist a team in their cease of the enemy base. Each of these secondary objectives serves to create interesting movement and points of conflict. Read More »

Player Unknowns: Battlegrounds

PC Xbox One

- Battlegrounds is a "battle royale" game, it features competitive multiplayer mechanics and survival. In each match, there are 100 players that parachute onto a huge island from a plane that flies across the map from a random direction. The goal of the player is to be the last person standing. Read More »

Critical Ops

Android iOS

- Critical Ops (also known as C-OPS) is a mobile FPS where players participate in fast-paced combat as terrorists or anti-terrorists. Just like CS:GO, C-OPS tests both technical and tactical skills in a competitive PvP environment. Read More »

Heroes of Order and Chaos

Android iOS

- For those that enjoy MOBAs, Multiplayer Online battle arenas, the idea of being able to play a portable version of the game they may well have been loving for years is something equally beautiful and terrible to think about. Read More »

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Android iOS

- Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that was created by the Moontoon and released in November 2016. It’s possible to download it for free both on iOS and Android. Read More »