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Key bindings in Fortnite

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In this post, I’m going to share a new guide with the most important key bindings that will help improve your gameplay in Fortnite. If you haven’t thought about changing your key bindings so far, I’m going to point out a few reasons why you should. Also, which key bindings I have changed that made my gameplay way smoother.

When choosing your key bindings you should pick keys and views you’ve used for similar actions. For example, in most shooters, I prefer to bind rifle to 2 but sniper to 4. This is how I feel most comfortable with and with this, I’ve built a muscle memory that my reactions default to when I get into intense situations.

One bind that I’ve changed and that’s completely unnecessary but I prefer, is the change the minor key from F to E.

Things like medical supplies and explosive weapons are bound to X and Z for me. I still feel pretty comfortable reaching for these keys.

Next, we’re going to talk about - the NACA obvious changes to key bindings, that I think are really important to Fortnite. But their ability to build structures on the fly, I found it super beneficial to change Building Stairs to key E. It’s a super easy key to reach for.

Another thing worth mentioning, I have Build Wall and Cancel Building bound to my side mouse button. This is also a super easy button to click and it makes it easy to aim since the key is already on the mouse.

I found it really easy on my right hand to spam my walls when I need them. If you guys didn’t know this already, the arque will change the direction of the item you’re building. So if you build high into the sky and need to get down, just build some stairs and press R to have them take you down in elevation.

One key I recommend changing is the Crouch key. I have used the standard Ctrl key for over 10 years. But I’ve finally made the switch over to using the C key. I found it really comfortable (once you get used to it), versus smashing your pinky down in an awkward position while you’re trying to strafe left. Practising strafing while crouching in the lobby helped me to adjust quickly to the new change. Give it a shot for a few days and let me know how you guys feel about it!

To wrap it up, I suggest you to consider re-binding your key buttons to whatever feels most comfortable to you. Think about when you’re playing and something feels hard to do in terms of binding execution. You’ll find you can make hard key combos easier which leads to outplaying your opponent that is still using the old key bindings.

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