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The Pros

  • Highly ergonomic design;
  • Responsive and crisp;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • AMD FreeSync support

The Cons

  • Dimmer than some of its competitors


Designed with simplicity in mind, this 1080p display offers fast response times, vibrant colors, impressive ergonomics and some special features for under $200.

The Asus VG245H is at the top of its class while being in the sub-200 range!


While it has such a basic design, it also offers plenty of little touches that are both attractive and practical. The display preserves some of the Asus signatures, including sleek etchings on the rear panel and a sharply angled base. But VG245H is the real star when it comes to adjustability. You can tilt it 5 degrees forward or 33 degrees backward, raise or lower the screen 5 inches up or down, as well as swivel it 90 degrees to the left or right. It is even possible to pivot the monitor vertically into a portrait mode.

Ports and Interface

The highly practical design of VG245H extends to its on-screen interface, which, thanks to a set of buttons behind the right side of the display, is painlessly easy to navigate. The directional essence of the monitor creates going through menus a breeze. There are specific buttons for activating GamePlus features and switching display modes with just a few taps.

The port selection is kept pretty simple on Asus VG245H, including two HDMI connections, a VGA input port, as well as audio-in and headphone jacks.

Gaming Performance

Due to its responsive 75-hertz refresh rate and impressive colors, the monitor’s 24-inch 1920 x 1080 screen proves to be a worthwhile companion for both hectic multiplayer games and immersive single-player experiences. Rise of the Tomb Raider pops with color on the display’s Scenery mode, starting from the soft blues and oranges of the sky above to Lara Croft’s bright-red coat. In addition, there is no hint of noticeable display lag either.

The VG245H keeps up just as well for Heroes of the Storm, which is a multiplayer battle arena game where you must keep track of many on-screen characters at the same time. The ultra saturated RTS mode and Scenery mode of the monitor makes it easy to distinguish between the hordes of blue and red units on the battlefield.

Brightness and Color

The VG245H registered an average brightness of 252.6 nits on light meter. And as for the color, it netted a Delta-E color-accuracy score of 3.29 (the lower the better).


It’s not common for gaming monitors to have decent (or any) speakers, therefore the built-in 2-watt speakers of VG245H is such a pleasant surprise. Of course they are not exactly booming, but are definitely loud and crisp enough to let easily hear where enemies footsteps or gunfire is coming from in games such as Battlefield 1 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Modes and Special Features

There are six GameVisual presets that VG245H features and each of them is optimized for a different genre. FPS and Racing modes offer higher visibility and lower input lag. Scenery mode offers rich colors but isn’t quite as hypersaturated as the RTS/RPG setting. There’s also a little more neutral sRGB mode.

In case none of those suit your preferences, you can easily customize and save a maximum of four your own display presets. VG245H features various Blue Light setting for reducing eye strain as well.

Additionally, the VG245H display offers AMD FreeSync. It allows reduced screen tearing and smoother overall performance for those with AMD graphics cards. Honestly, it’s quite difficult to find a monitor that offers FreeSync for such a price!

The monitor has also various GamePlus features which are designed to boost whatever game you’re playing. You can activate a timer, a frame-rate counter, and a display alignment tool. You can also overlay the screen with one of four crosshairs, which line up perfectly with the in-game interfaces.

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