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Ten Fortnite secrets you should know

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This may sound way too obvious to most of you who play Fortnite but you would be surprised at how many people do not utilize this.

10. Use headphones

For those that play Fortnite, this one sounds like a no-brainer, I get it, but for newer players and trust me, there are many of them flitting into Fortnite, it’s not. Fortnite Battle Royale should always be played with a good set of headphone because much of the game is dependant on the sound and being able to use sound to your advantage is crucial.

So much of this game is based on little audio cues such as enemy footsteps or gunfire in a distance, therefore if you really want to succeed in Fortnite Royale, you really need to be wearing a headset. A good headset because those little audio cues can only be heard with a headset, and they can be defining whether or not you’re going to get a victory or you’re going to get a failure.


9. Make less sound

Speaking of sound, which is so important in Fortnite, make less sound. This one ties with the audio cue with the last entry and again, it’s a no-brainer to those who play a lot but it might be new to those who just started and haven’t played the game very long because so much of this game is based around sound. You want to make as less sound as humanly possible when you’re moving around the map.

When you suspect somebody nearby, stop moving and listen. And if you’ve to move, do it while you’re crouching so you limit your sound. If you think someone is nearby, don’t swap weapons because they will hear you take out your gun.

You can move silently when you are crouching but if you stand up or start swapping weapons around or reloading weapons or even taking out your blueprints or start building, your enemy will hear you 100% at a time. You want to make as little sound as possible while playing the game, especially when you first start out. Once you master the game, become good at the game, then you can hold your own at those confrontations but just starting out, you probably want to have every little advantage you can.

8. Landing in unpopulated areas

While a lot of people love to land in populated areas on the map because obviously, that’s where the action, a good loot and etc, but if you want to succeed as a brand new player, it’s a better idea to do the opposite. The more you play the game, the more you start to learn where the good unpopulated sections of the map are and trust me, there a plenty of hidden places out there where you don’t have to worry about getting shot instantly upon turning around.

Am I saying you can never land in populated areas like tilted towers or retail? Absolutely not!

What I’m saying is that by learning the good unpopulated spots on the map, you can consistently get good loot and safely secure good loadout without getting to worry of getting violated within the first 60 seconds on the map. And this is definitely predicated more for the newer players.

7. Learning the house layout

Despite the fact that there are a ton of houses throughout the Fortnite map, you’ve probably noticed that many of them have the exact same layout on the inside. So maybe while there are tons and tons of houses on a map, there’s only a handful of layout that these houses actually have, and by learning these layouts you will be much better prepared for landing by a house because you will want to know where to look and get all the good stuff as quickly as possible wherever you’re in the house.

While you’re playing Fortnite, take a mental note of where everything is as it will help you in the future. Once you know these different schematics and blueprints, you’ll be able to efficiently look through a house rapidly.

6. Remapping the building selections

This one applies mainly to PC players. Thanks to all the buttons you have on the mouse and keyboard, you can assign a specific key for each piece in your inventory and you should absolutely do this if you’re playing on a PC. By default the different building pieces are selected through the F buttons or by scrolling your mouse wheel, but this is way slower and way less accurate than remapping each piece to a certain button.

By remapping the pieces to custom bindings you can build much, much faster, ultra-fast, and you don’t have to worry about scrolling too far and screwing up while constructing a tower or something really specific.

If you watch really good PC players and you’re just in awe of how quick and efficient they build, it’s because their key bindings are set up exactly how they want to. Just an instant press of a button and the action is immediate.

5. Drink small shields first

Once again, if you’ve played Fortnite for a little while, this is probably a no-brainer but I even tend to forget this at times - drink the small shields first, drink the minnies!

Shield potions are going to be your best friend in Fortnite Battle Royale but if you don’t know how to take them in the proper order, you’re going to end up just shooting yourself in the foot. For those who don’t know there are four kinds of drinkable shield potions in the game. The small potions, which give you 25 shields per drink and the large shield, which give you 50 shields per drink.

The slurp juice, which gives you 25 shields slowly over time and the chug jug, which gives you a 100 and a 100. However, the catch with all this is the fact that the small shield potion can only be used only if your shields are under 50, while all of the others can be used whenever you want. In order to maximize your shields, you want to drink the small minnies before you drink anything else. If you drink the minnies and then the large, you can get your total shields over 50, but if you drink the large first, then go and drink the minnies, you can’t do it.

You’ll be stuck at 50 and won’t be even able to drink the small ones. So if you have small minnies and another type of shield potion always drink the small shields first! Get yourself up to 50 and then use the bigger ones because, trust me, in a gunfight 50 shields versus 100 shields could determine if you live or die.

4. Build a hut to heal

After getting into a firefight with someone and coming out alive, you’re obviously going to want to heal up before you do anything. And with doing so, you need to be sure you’re not going to get finished up by someone who may have been sitting on sidelines waiting to pick off the weaklings, which is a strategy most Fortnite players do.

After killing someone you should always duck in a cover in order to heal, even if you’re just drinking a little shield potion or using a couple bandages. If there’s a house nearby, duck inside. If there’s no cover, build yourself a small hut with a roof on it just in time to heal. You may say it’s a waste of wood, but is it really a waste of wood if the latter happens and somebody just won off you while you weren't even looking. This way no one can pick you off once you let your guard down. This also applies to reviving down teammates as you should never try to revive a teammate when you’re not covered from all sides.

If you’re going to heal yourself or a teammate, you should have a wall on all sides and preferably a roof over your head in order to ensure that you make it out without taking any more damage.

3. Stock up on resources late in the match

As I’m sure you all know, the end of the Fortnite match always ends up in a big tower building fight or some kind of building fight and it can only happen if you have enough resources to get you through it. If you find yourself in a building fight and you run out of resources, you’re pretty much screwed.

Gathering resources is something you usually do in the beginning in the match and slowly throughout the remains of the match but if you see a player count going down and down, and you find yourself being in the top 10 or less, you need to get resources. If you think you’ll end up in the final group, hunker down and start smashing up some trees, so you’re prepared to fight.

There’s absolutely nothing in Fortnite that’s worse than running out of resources when you really need them. At 9 times out of 10, that scenario happens near the end of the match, so make sure you don’t end up contributing to that statistic.

2. Don’t loot bodies immediately

Gunfights in Fortnite are so loud that you’re likely going to attract other players to your location after you kill someone. Because of this a lot of players will sit back and watch nearby firefight and kill the person who wins when they run over to loot the dead body of their enemy. You do not want to be the person who wins the firefight and then gets killed while looting the enemy after killing it. Let a little time pass before you run over and loot them.

I know you’re excited, you just won this confrontation because chances are - there’s somebody watching you and waiting for the fight to end so they could kill you and take all of your loot! After killing someone with a distance, wait 10 - 20 seconds or so before running out to get the loots.

Scan the perimeter and make sure that nobody is spying on you. You might even be able to pick off that person who’s hiding in a bush and waiting for the fight to end and then you get the double loot.

1. Watch firefights from a distance

Okay, why don’t we just talk about from the other side of the scenario now? You just don’t want to run over and just loot someone you just killed because someone might be watching you, but what if you end up coming across two people fighting, then what? Well, then you get to be the person who watches the firefight to end, so you get to kill the winner and get the double loot. However, you have to be smart when you encounter two people fighting because if you mess it up, you could end up dead as well. When you see two people fighting with each other, try to get close to the situation without being noticed, or just stay where you are and take cover behind a tree, a wall or something.

Do not build a wall to cover yourself because that will instantly draw attention to you and screw up your surprise attack. Do not engage either player until one of them is dead because here’s the deal - they’re likely just going to gang up on you and then continue fighting. You want to be small and unnoticeable until one of them dies, then finish off the winner of the fight and loot two bodies. The reason why this is such a formidable strategy, because if these two guys get into a fight one of them is probably going to die obviously and the other one is probably going to get some damage, so you literally get to come in at the optimum time, where one is dead and the other very, very hurt, and then you get all their loot!

Just like the last entry, you want to make sure that no one else was watching the fight behind you. You, guys, get what I am saying - just be smart about your confrontations and you’ll come on top more times than not.

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