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The Pros

  • Great sound for both games and music;
  • Extremely comfortable;
  • Stable software;
  • Works with console, PC, and mobile

The Cons

  • Difficult to carry


The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum is the real deal, combining excellent audio for both music and games with an intuitive software, comfortable design and set of extra features that make it perfect for consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.

The Logitech G633 is not only one of the comfiest headsets currently on the market, but also one of the most user-friendly, aurally pleasing and flexible!


The rectangular ear cups; black, patterned design; and a big, padded headband makes the Artemis Spectrum look like something out of a video game. The ear cups swivel, so if not perfectly placed on top of your head they might slip off easily. However, when in place, it has a secure and comfortable fit.

A great feature of the Artemis Spectrum is that it offers two completely separate cables - a 3.5mm audio cable and a USB cable. In order to switch between those two, you use a button that’s on the left ear cup. To have two different cables is an elegant solution. The purpose of the USB cable is to allow gamers use the software of Logitech on PCs, while the audio cable has an in-line microphone, a mute button for it, as well as a play/pause button. It’s ideal for listening to music and taking phone calls on your phone or tablet and offers an easy way to connect the headset to your PS4 or Xbox One controller.


At first putting the headset on can be a little difficult, but once it’s properly positioned on top of your head, it’s amazingly comfortable.The headband is well-adjustable, and the ear cups feel supportive and plush. There’s no discomfort when wearing the Artemis Spectrum for a longer period of time.

Music Performance

Often, the ability to play music for a gaming headset takes a backseat compared to the in-game performance of the device, but the Artemis Spectrum achieves a wonderful balance between the two. The “Flat” profile of the Artemis Spectrum provides a neutral base regardless the music genre. Users can program their own bass- or treble-heavy profiles as well. Even if you don’t really care about the profiles, music in general sounds immediate and rich on it.

However, they might not be good for everyday listening on the go due to taking up a lot of space, and don’t fit into a backpack that easily.

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