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There are a lot of posts with a purpose to help others improve their aim in FPS, but how many do you think have actually helped? I’ve seen so many posts and deeply don’t agree with the ways people have been trying to assist and help others. In the sake of this, I have decided to make a short two-step guide to something, I believe, will help more than any drills or custom games vs Ana bots. So, let’s get straight to the point.

Step 1: Identify the problem.

Overwatch Aim

DO NOT, and I will repeat, DO NOT try and aim practice before you have identified what the problem is. It is a no-brainer, but still many people start aiming practice and aiming drills while the gain they actually can get is significant. Also, the benefit varies from person to person.

The necessity of identifying the problem first is important so you don’t waste time practicing on something while it wasn’t the problem in the first case. I believe there are two groups of people: the ones who actually fail to aim and the ones who are not able to use their brain.

For example, imagine a situation. You’re playing Widowmaker and suddenly a Soldier appears running in a zigzag pattern, so you start tracking him. You choose to take the shot but miss it, because the Soldier stepped aside. So, why did you miss the shot? Did you suddenly expect him to run forward, or did you simply aim wrong?

This is identifying the problem. If the reason why you missed the shot is that you aimed too short or too far, your shot was just bad, and the aiming is what needs practice. But if you missed the shot because you didn’t expect him to step aside means your shot wasn’t necessarily bad, it’s your brain that can’t clearly read the movements.

In my opinion, this is the main issue for at least 60% of people who assume they’re bad at tracking in Overwatch. The shot might be fine, the reading of opponent’s movement is the problem.

Therefore, the next time you play a game and miss a shot, do a self-assessment and think - why did I miss? Once you’ve identified the main problem, then you can move on.

Step 2: Begin practicing.

Overwatch Practice

Since you’ve identified the problem, you should start practicing anything that can help improve it. If you've found out that your shot was pretty bad, then you can begin practicing your aim and muscle memory. You can practice Zarya, Soldier, Widowmaker, even McCree depending on how you choose to play with him. You can practice in custom games, quick play, or even competitive. I won’t explain how exactly to do this because there are countless aim guides discussing it. Just as long as you know the problem is your shot, you can start practicing it.

Then again, if your problem is the movement reading, to be honest, I don’t really know any specific drills to help practice this. The only great advice I can give is to practice with a friend. Pick the highest rated and most irritating Lúcio main on your friends' list, then choose Zarya, and start tracking him. If for some reason you are not able to do this, choose quick play, custom games with 6 Lúcios, competitive, or anything where you can actually track an enemy.

Due to bots predictable movement, I do not recommend those, but if that’s the environment you feel most comfortable in, simply go for it. During your practice always give feedback to yourself. Ask yourself if you’re reaching your goal by using the specific methods. By that I mean, always make sure you keep your goal in mind.

And, of course, one more last thing - profit.

To conclude, again, keep your goal in mind, and if you still don’t feel like this method of training is helping you, just stop. Sometimes it’s necessary to understand that this way of practice isn’t for everyone. Some people won’t benefit from this, but that’s alright, we are all different.

At last, good luck in the game and I really hope this guide was beneficial to at least some of you!

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